Become a Beta Tester

Become a Beta Tester?

What is a Beta Tester, and why haven’t I heard of an ‘Alpha Tester’? When a product or service has been created, or in some cases modified – it will need testing, to make sure it performs as intended. The amount and quality of testing, very much depends of the product. At one end of the scale, aircraft, nuclear power stations, etc., may be tested over many years, and even continue to undergo tests, whilst in service. A less expensive product, such as say a aluminium step ladder, or a new smartphone app – will often have accelerated testing, so that it can go to market, as soon as is practically possible, before losing out to potential competitors. So often, it is a case of trying to get a balance between having an effective testing program, against launching to the public or clients, as soon as possible.

Let us assume that we had created a new software product, that helped businesses market themselves more effectively via the internet. And let us further assume that our intention was to spend a good amount of money, advertising this new software, via Google, Bing, and Facebook. We then decide to retail the product for a minimum of $350, confident that business users should easily recuperate that cost in less than 30 days, if the software is used correctly.

Now before advertising and selling the software, we need to be certain that it will do exactly what we intend, and will advertise it to do. We also need to be confident that it will continue to be effective, over a reasonable period of time, in a multitude of different situations. And of course, we need to be assured, that the supporting documentation is easy to understand. But that isn’t where it ends! The level and quality of ongoing support – can make a world of difference, especially along side completion. Nothing is infallible – so as long as there is a good communication link with customers, and the ability to quickly resolve any problems – then usually the product creator will remain in business.

As can be attained from the example above, a new product will need testing – and additionally, so will the product instructions and support. When a product (lets say a new software) is created, the initial tests will be carried out by the creator(s) often by trialing a prototype. The next round of testing, will usually take place on the completed / final product, in the format of which it will be released to clients or the public. This round of testing, is generally carried out by the creator, or a team within the creators organisation. This stage of testing, is generally referred to as ‘Alpha Testing’.

Once the creator(s) are satisfied that their product is working as they have designed it to, the next stage is to go to the beta testing  stage – which is usually undertaken by a third party, such as individuals using the product, as if they were the end consumer. Often, beta testers will use products, and perceive instructions, in entirely different ways, than were conceived by the creators – which could bring about a number of problems or misunderstandings – which could prove very costly, if only discovered for the first time from those purchasing the product. Apart from the financial costs, reputations could also be quickly destroyed – and support systems tested to their extreme. So things need to be right from the start. Good beta testing, can make a world of difference to the success of a product launch, and ongoing sales.

We provide a wide range of testing, by individuals whom have a genuine interest in the product or service that they are testing. They can usually quickly identify if a product is working the way it was advertised, and if any supporting literature is easy to understand. Our testers will often find glitches, due to varied use – and then also identify problems when contacting the product support, if say for example, communication is slow or inadequate. You don’t need any specific skills or previous experience to be a great Beta Tester – just some common sense and honesty.

We tend to concentrate within the online sectors which are serviced through sales portals such as JV Zoo, Click Bank and Warrior Plus. Every day, products and services, are promoted and launched via these portals. Many of these products and services, have been developed and entered into the marketplace quickly, so as to gain a foothold over competitors – in this very competitive sector. In such circumstances – there is always the risk of product or support difficulties, resulting in refunds, charge backs, and damaged reputations.

In a nutshell, our Beta Testers will use and test a product for their personal or business use – and then report any problems. If our tester, then needs to contact the products support service, they will also identify any difficulties here too. Often, our testers will identify positive solutions, with constructive suggestions – which can often prove invaluable for our clients. It is quite typical for a product creator, or marketer, to be ‘too close’ to the product, to see what for others, is the obvious!

If you are interested in joining our community of Beta Testers, then why not join us today. You are never under any obligation – and at the minimum, you should find it interesting, fun, and rewarding. We have many Beta Testers who would have spent money on purchasing the products they are testing anyway – but have accessed them for free, in return for testing them, and providing constructive feedback. As a Beta Tester, giving feedback is quick and easy. Providing more comprehensive feedback, is always optional – however, the more testing you can complete, and the more feedback you can supply. This will greatly improve your chances of being promoted to a Senior Beta Tester – resulting in more prestigious (and valuable) product testing.