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About Us

Beta Test Services, or BTS, is an independent organization, specializing in the 'beta testing' of digital products, such as...

  • Software downloads, and online SAAS utilities
  • PLR products, from eBooks, to white-label softwares
  • Training courses, and with ongoing mentoring and support

After initially purchasing digital products from JVZoo, Warrior+Plus, Click Bank, and others - it became evident that there is a wide margin between the wonderful and the woeful.

Many products are as advertised, and worth their cost - whilst sadly, some others are full of bugs and faults - resulting in refunds and lost sales.

There are many cases, whereby newly launched digital products have problems or faults, which are immediately identifiable from the onset.

These should have been readily identified pre-launch and fixed - which in the majority of cases is a relatively quick and easy process.

However, these faults could be overlooked by accident, or due to limited alpha / beta testing. Inferior or faulty products are not good for anyone. They can seriously affect the reputation of vendors, and impede sales.

Our Beta Testers, provide a quality service, often for a minimal cost or no-charge at all. We help vendors launch safely, and can add to their credibility, with our endorsement awards.

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Happy Clients although this is a relatively new service - it is already proving very popular.

Current Projects we are often 'fast testing' many new pre-launch products.

Years of experience BTS is part of the e-HQ Group, established in 1999.

Awards we provide a range of different awards for vendors pre-launched products.


We provide an extensive range of digital products Beta Testing services

Sales Pages Overview

Beta Testing page speed delivery, and content for faults, typos and operational errors.

Sales Flow

Beta Testing marketing and sales flow, including OTO's, down-sells and offers.

Product Functionality

A comprehensive Beta Test of the digital product - from a consumer viewpoint.

Effective JV Implementation

Beta Testing the important 'JV page', any associated bonuses, and supporting structure.


Although a relatively new service - early feedback is proving our service as invaluable

Paul Walker

Ceo & Founder

We had been looking for a reliable, fast and effective service like this for some time. Having first tried a few others and been let down, BTS has shown themselves to be highly effective, with a great attention to detail.

Sara Carnelli

Product Designer and Marketeer

BTS has already helped us with our sales conversions, and greatly reduced the demand on after sales support. Furthermore, our refund request have practically been wiped out altogether. Amazingly, we got a free service from BTS, and increased our revenue and reputation too.

Julia Miller

PLR Designer, Owner and Retailer

Despite our latest product being evaluated and tested by ourselves and friends, we thought we would try Beta Test Services, free service. Amazed! They found things we had totally missed, including one major opportunity for us to increase our sales.

Matt Perez

JV Freelancer

Having heard great things about BTS and their premium service, I decided to give it a go. They were fantastic, and not too pricey either. And in fact with the improvements they identified, their work has more than paid for itself - many times over.

Jonathan T Scott

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Simply amazing. I can't recommend these folks enough. I will certainly be using them to check-over all of my products, prior to going live. They were quick, effective, and in my case totally free. I also value their stamped badge endorsements

BTS Awards

After services and products testing - we award a range of endorsements

A General Overview of our Workflow

In reality - your side of the process, is quick and simple.


We have other custom pricing options, and full flexibility. Feel free to get in touch.

BTS Standard (Free)


  • Product / service - user testing
  • 'As described' evaluation
  • Faults and errors identification
  • Product support testing
  • Product delivery testing

BTS Platinum


  • BTS Gold - plus...
  • Entire project testing
  • Comprehensive bulk soak testing
  • Solutions and repair service
  • High Quality Endorsement Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really supply a totally free Beta testing service?

Yes! Our basic service will often meet the needs of many, prior to a product launch. All we ask, is that you supply us with a free product or service access. In some cases, this may mean multiple accounts access - should we be providing multiple Beta Testing.

How do I know my product will not be sold or circulated?

We have a strict set of protocols which we follow, to ensure your product and services security. This includes having our Beta Testers sign Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA.

What are the benefits from using a professional Beta Testing Service?

As you are no doubt aware, it is crucial that when a product is launched it fully performs the way you intended. You want full customer satisfaction, and minimal refunds. Product and services errors and fails - can prove costly in the long term. We discover any problems, so your customers don't have to.

What do you test - and how do you go about it?

Every situation is somewhat unique. In some cases, a lot of testing has already taken place - and all we have to do is to provide a varied user testing. We may use one, several, or many simultaneous Beta Testers. We can test marketing and sales pages, sales flow, products and services, and support. We can even annualize your affiliate sections, such as a JV Page, and associated facilities and bonuses.

What experience does Beta Test Services have?

Although BTS is a relatively new service, it is part of the e-HQ Group, established in 1999. And the group founder and CEO, originally started an internet services business, back in 1996. The company has covered a wide spectrum of full-stack development, along with on and offline sales and marketing. The e-HQ Group, currently operate in excess of 40 of its own business - many of which provide online services to other online entrepreneurs and businesses.

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Beta Test Services

Feel free to contact us with your questions or suggestions. We are happy to discuss custom options and joint ventures.

In the first instance, please use our contact form for your initial communication. We will endeavor to respond to all communications within 24-48hrs.

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